How To Stop Period Pain Fast

A few simple ways to help eliminate or relief for menstrual cramps and make your period less annoying. Unfortunately, painful menstruation is a problem that many women face every month. In detail, small and big discomforts can increase menstrual cramps. Thus, here is a series of back pain period remedies to help you relieve menstrual pains and the most common uneasiness.

Stomach ache

Recurrent stomach pain with negative consequences on the intestinal balance in the week before menstruation is very common. In this case, pay attention to nutrition. For one thing, avoid upsetting your stomach.

Consequently, the intestine can also suffer from the ingestion of fatty foods and refined sugars (i.e. fried foods, cakes, snacks, etc.). Drinking warm liquids can help for periodic stomach pain, particularly herbal teas that include chamomile and fennel. For example, they can help you relieve the discomfort caused by uterine contractions and deflate the abdomen.


Commonly, headache affects many women during menstruation. When it becomes unbearable, it is advisable to take an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, such as ibuprofen. As the instructions suggest, remember that it is always better to take this type of medicine after meals.

In case of headaches, even in the days preceding the arrival of menstruation, you can try to take magnesium and chaste tree supplements. Start one week before the arrival of your period for the best results. These elements seem to be a valid help in countering PMS. Next, let’s see what back pain period remedies can help you alleviate different causes

Menstrual cycle back pain remedies for kidney pain or dysmenorrhea

Frequently, in younger women who have never been pregnant, stenosis (slight narrowing) of the uterine cervix causes the pain. This condition forces it to contract vigorously. During the first few days, the pain becomes more intense and unbearable.

Sage decoction, or sage essential oil, is an excellent remedy. In older women or women who have had a pregnancy, dysmenorrhea signals that the uterus is trying to stop menstruation. Sometimes, the presence of fibroids (benign tumors) is also another critical factor. This type of pain responds better to magnesium, which is a muscle relaxant. Your doctor may suggest it as a natural pain reliever. You can find it in many supplements suitable for PMS (post menstrual syndrome).

Multifocal back pain

In addition to painful menstrual cramps, some women experience widespread pain in the back area. Above all, these kinds of discomforts amplify mental stress and can take you out of commission.

To relieve this ache, you can rely on one of the traditional remedies par excellence for menstrual pain: the hot water bag to place on your back. Furthermore, it is useful to practice light physical activity, such as yoga. Even simply stretching can help relieve back pain due to menstruation.

However, that could not be enough. Indeed, if you need to remain active and go to work, you may need another solution. Among the available menstrual cycle back pain remedies, Signal Relief has proved effective in getting rid of several of the symptoms mentioned above. As a simple patch, it is discreet and easy to use to resume your activity as soon as possible when it matters the most.

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